Basque Country | Surfing Bakio Big Waves

Bakio is a municipality in the province of Biscay – Basque Country, Euskadi – Europe – The beach has several picks to surf. Which are fast, funny and hollow. It´s not far away from Mundaka, and if you go to surf to Mundaka and there are no waves there, then it´s a good option to drive to Bakio and enjoy this fine beach break. It consists of a small valley which is drained inland by the River Estepona. This valley is surrounded by mountains to the east, south and west; meanwhilst, it is open to the north to the Cantabrian Sea. The municipality adjoins the sea to the north, the town of Bermeo to the east, the town of Mungia to the south, and the towns of Maruri-Jatabe and Lemoiz to the west.

Report HD – Euskadi Surf TV – June 2017

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